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ملتقى الخطباء

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the definition
vigilance languages:

is the name or the source of the saying: attentive flan Aiqz is taken from material (j s j) that indicate the opposite of sleep and take note of everything, and act (triple) than that: springy as a science and the source vigilant The alert also said: attentive Aiqz Iqazh and vigilant, and description of the first: a man alert and attentive, a dispute that the sleeper, also said: a man awake and woman Iqzy, men and wives awake and reportedly said: men awake and wives Iqazy, and description of the second (ie springy) attentive annexation. In the Koran (and mistaken awake they are asleep) [Cave: 18] Wake collecting alert or awake, which is attentive as he said the verse, and was told attentive collection or attentive and be Aliqzan, Alusi said: two bilingual.
said: woke up and woke him up, and the epithet awake, and a man attentive to break the pollinator and open any alert warned, or was much vigilance, and vigilance for the command alerted him, and said to have been waking experiences, and woke him from his sleep any warned him Ftiqz and he woke up, came in the Hadith: If you woke up from a dream not Agamsn his hand in the pot until the washed three times »and said: awakened dust I raised, as well as vigilance, said Abu Amr: it is said that so and so the attentive if a light head, and told what I saw awakened him, It is a metaphor:
woke anklets and ornaments any voice, attentive silently gathered language in the vigilance, and said: a man awake.
and wary and watchful, a wake up to his voice all of this metaphor, Laith said, is said to the one who raises the dust: You may vigilant if his teams, and awakened the dust: I raised [see refine the language of the Azhari (9/260) and Asahah immanent (3/1181), and the crown of the bride of Zubaidi (1/500), and the interpretation of the verse (combined with the provisions of the Koran »(10/241), and the interpretation of Alusi (spirit of the meanings) (15/225) and insights with discrimination for Firuzabadi (5 / 388), and the San Arabs «attentive» (4964) (i. Dar knowledge)].
the son of perspective: the man awake and attentive: both on the descent of any alert warned, combine awake.
[see San Arabs (7 / 466-467), Mukhtar Asahah (743), and insights with discrimination ( 5 / 388- 390)].
and idiomatically:
said Alkova: vigilance: Kamal Walt
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