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ملتقى الخطباء

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the definition

the language of despair:

source as saying: despaired despair, which is taken from the material (j MSI) that indicate the cut of hope, said to him: despaired despair (such as science knows), and Aais (such as computed) and Haki also Aoas heart AZ second thousand, the whole sense of lost hope, not in the language of the Arabs J in the chest to speak later, but this connecting, come despairing sense of science, said: stated in the language of some of the Arabs, and that the words of God: < span style = "font-family:" Traditional Arabic "," serif "; font-size: 16pt; mso-bidi-language: AR-EG" dir = "ltr">) Have they never give up those who believe ( [Thunder: 31]. turquoise Abadi said fur in this verse: Do they not know he said he was meaning to their interpretation, because God has inflicted to the faithful that if willing to Huda all people, He said: have they not despair note, says Aaashm knowing where implicit, as you say in the speech: have despaired you do not succeed, like I said, had taught him the note, meaning: they never give up those who believe the faith of God and described them do not believe in and told [insights with discrimination (5/375), said the verse: the meaning of this: Have they never knew who believe that if Allah wills to guide all people is to see the verses, and was said is despair known (any interruption, please) and a meaning they never ceased please the believers of the faith of these infidels in the knowledge that God if he wanted to bring them to guide them [the interpretation of the verse (9/210)], the Almighty said: (as the disbelievers despair of the graves) owners [Mumtahinah: 13] meaning is: lost all hope for the infidels in their graves from the mercy of God because they believe in the unseen after death did not benefit them their faith at the time, and was told: as despaired to live and send. And saying: Oaosth and Este from well: Qntth. His son's perspective: despair: Spare hope, and despair. It is the antithesis of hope, it said: despaired of thing despair. The source of despair, and Alaosh and despair. So and Isiah from him as well as the sense Fastaos ice.

said Tarafa:

and Oaosna of all the good requested *** they have set to RMS atheist

[see language standards (6/153) see Asahah immanent (3/992), and the end of Ibn al-Athir (5/291), and the San Arabs Ibn Manzur (6/260) ,, and insights with discrimination for Firuzabadi (5/274)].

despair idiomatically:

said Manaawi: despair: the pieces that the thing does not have, which is against please [arrest (346). < o: p>

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