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Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Prophet Secretary and his family and companions, and after:
Pass the nation today a historic Bmnattvat; where elevated means of corruption, and a variety of ways to temptation and seduction, and how great tribulations in the desires and suspicions, and has become a breeding infiltrated involving reformer and a spoiler, and the growing influence of corrupting means even come with rights in his phone and his computer, the screen Tlvazh, and the Tide was enormous.
In the midst of careful planning to spoil the broad sectors lacking in the nation to careful planning a far-reaching reform and combatting educational and moral corruption that Ajtal Islamic societies, and within these sectors the Friday sermon and message of the mosque, which is the first educational mission, there is no sermon still on coordinated by the former without developing or diversifying processions great for the challenge.
Based on these data, and a sense of responsibility at this historic juncture, and where we have not seen the service of this ritual integrated project Aferdha service, including actors where the elements in terms of the engagement and Khatib scientific article, came the idea: (Network Forum speakers), carrying a message: (renewal of the Friday sermon and activating its impact on the lives of Muslims).

Project Objectives: When we want to show that our goals can be summed up in three major goals, each of which falls under the smaller goals, policies and procedures different to achieve these goals and activated, the major objectives are as follows:
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    The first goal the unification of efforts maid for the Friday sermon
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    The second objective upgrading speech advocacy and reform
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    The third objective the development of the level of speakers and scientifically Mharria