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Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Prophet Secretary and his family and companions, and after:

Pass the nation today a historic Bmnattvat; where elevated means of corruption, and a variety of ways to temptation and seduction, and how great tribulations in the desires and suspicions, and has become a breeding infiltrated involving reformer and a spoiler, and the growing influence of corrupting means even come with rights in his phone and his computer, the screen Tlvazh, and the Tide was tremendous. < / p>

In the midst of careful planning to spoil the broad sectors lacking in the nation to careful planning a far-reaching reform and combatting educational and moral corruption that Ajtal Islamic societies, and within these sectors the Friday sermon and message of the mosque, which is the first educational mission, there is no sermon still on coordinated by the former without developing or diversifying processions great for the challenge.

Based on these data, and a sense of responsibility at this historic juncture, and where we have not seen the service of this ritual integrated project Aferdha service, including actors where the elements in terms of the engagement and Khatib scientific article, came the idea: (Network Forum speakers), & nbsp; carrier message: (< font color = "# ff0000"> renewal of the Friday sermon and activate its impact on the lives of Muslims ). & nbsp;

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the reasons for the establishment of the project:

Has invited us to this project several reasons, the most prominent of which:

1. The status of the Friday sermon in the religion of Islam which occupies & nbsp; high profile, they are ritual repeated each week, and are held in each country Muslims are located, and attended underachievers in the prayers of the whole week, and they are obligated to religion by listening to them, and listen to what thrown in, and stop talking during which, even on the advice of others, and hints of these characteristics legitimate position this ritual, and being one of the pillars of the reform and the need to take care of the nation, and concerted efforts in its service.

2. We could not find an integrated global project takes care of the exploitation of this ritual and employment reform in a measured way and cared for them, with the importance of this project and being like Pferod objects on the nation, which motivates us to carry out this initiative ordinance, and quickly take care of them.

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3. proven that many of the preachers of the Islamic world are using modern technology and global network to prepare them for their sermons, coming from the speakers and generations candidate wider to cope with the global network, and this supports the idea of ​​exploiting this medium in the reform, and facilitates the task of attracting the largest possible number of beneficiaries and the influential. < / p>

4. There is a web site that specializes in the Friday sermon only a single site is the site: (pulpit), a pioneer and former site of the others in this area deserves to be told it what the son of the owner in Olvih: (which pioneers holder of preferred *** danger of dual Aljamila), no doubt that the rite is like a Friday sermon worth more than one location. And the way our brothers in the pulpit site is limited to speeches that come upon them, Vparwahm & nbsp; a reflection of the level of speakers, and a picture of their offspring, and we need to work in terms of a parallel which improve the guidance and planning and preparation for the preachers, and this is what we will focus on, we are working to touch the needs of the community, and weaknesses when preachers , then the speeches of its members, and files.

5. not stand on hand to take care of studies of strategic planning for the speech lawsuit, and at the same time we see shorten a lot of preachers in the long planning for the speech and good upgrade them and Palmsthdwin out, with the communities and the challenges to be addressed by the speakers at the present time is no longer as simple as it was in the past, the project, which we are doing in the axis (Khatib strategy) takes it upon himself to broadcast schematic thought, sets the priorities & nbsp; strategic preachers and served files and speeches prepared.

6. through meditation in missionary projects, dealing with the World Wide Web did not find an interactive project for preachers serve as a link for them, they write the ideas, and consult it at Noazlhm, and displaying the speeches at times of calamity, and the establishment of a network Forum speakers at an angle (forums) and aims to form this association, provides this service.

7. This project is an important strategic projects in terms of entry into force of impact, the number of beneficiaries, the site directs his speech in terms of the basis for the preachers, and who own a media outlet of the greatest platforms influence in Muslim societies, namely the platform Friday. It is behind these preachers large crowds from all over the nation, and here we can deliver our message to large numbers probably beyond what we envision starting.

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project objectives:

When we want to show that our goals can be summed up in three major goals, each of which falls under the smaller goals, policies and procedures different to achieve these goals and activated, the major objectives are as follows:
first goal: unite efforts maid to the Friday sermon.
second goal: upgrade the speech lawsuit, and reformist.
third goal: the development of the level of speakers and scientifically Mharria.

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We ask Allah to crown our success and our loyalty Bafilah and objectives

and blessings and peace be upon His Messenger and Mstefah